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Laatst geüpdate op 3 August 2022

Bloomdale Eyewear

At Bloomdale, they know how to play with color so well that the eyewear can almost be compared to the paint palette of an artistic artist. A palette where subtle colors come together and work in harmony. Through this play of color, the label manages to make each design unique in a subtle way.
Woman smiling wearing Bloomdale Eyewear glasses

Bloomdale Eyewear is a globally distributed brand from the Netherlands. This brand designs original Bloomdale eyewear with beautiful shapes, fine details and tasteful colors. The concept and philosophy of Bloomdale is to produce eyewear that makes people happy and feel beautiful. To live up to this philosophy, the eyewear is made from high-quality materials with eye-catching colors and patterns.

The latter is well reflected in the extraordinary collection of eyewear. Bloomdale Eyewear’s eyewear has original shapes, colors and patterns and this is exactly what makes these eyewear so attractive. The glasses are made of extremely high quality materials which ensures long enjoyment of a pair of Bloomdale Eyewear glasses. The collection consists of a wide range of both men’s and women’s eyewear.

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