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Einstoffen; Natural materials such as wood, stone or cotton.

Einstoffen is a young eyewear and fashion brand founded in 2008 by four friends from Switzerland. At the time, they didn't need a predictable career in the hamster wheel. They wanted an adventure - in their own clothes and seeing the world through their own sunglasses.
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Where the raw nature of the Alps meets the urban lifestyle.

Inspired by nature, art, film and music, they have since created shirts, glasses, sunglasses, T-shirts and Swiss Made watches for cosmopolitan individualists with a sense of humor. In their eyes, eyewear and streetwear, nature and urbanity, Swiss quality consciousness and a pinch of extravagance go very well together. It was always about originality. They still feel most comfortable a few steps off the beaten path.

Their passion lies with natural materials such as wood, stone or cotton. Their passion lies with handmade frames made from natural materials such as wood or stone and are the main components of that organic EINSTOFFEN style. However, they do not like to limit themselves. They are driven by passion and the desire to experiment characterizes them. Thus, steel, titanium, cotton or acetate have also found their way into their collection. Because only by meeting the unknown are new and unusual things created. Their shades and specifications made from natural materials have won a total of four German Design Awards in 2018 and 2019.

Cosmopolitanism, innovation, quality, sustainability and honesty in dealing with producers, customers and business partners are important to them. They guarantee the quality of their products and regularly ensure that they are produced under fair working conditions.

Optical glasses

Perfectly fitting designs that combine simple, timeless aesthetics with a passion for detail are their strength. Whether you’re working with wood, stone or acetate, there’s always a good portion of nature in an EINSTOFFEN product. Each model is unique as the tree or rock from which it is carved. This uniqueness is what their eyewear has in common with our customers. Swiss Design as unique as you. Natural materials such as wood, stone or acetate are the main components for that organic Einstoffen look. Yet they love to experiment with other materials, because by embracing the new and different, they can create exciting and unusual designs. Their frames made from natural materials have won a total of four German Design Awards in 2018 and 2019. Their correction frames are supplied without corrections. Contact us regarding the fabrication and installation of corrective lenses.


Here zeitgeist meets tradition and the metropolis collides with nature! Their sunglasses are a little more avant-garde and extravagant than the corrective frames. They make smaller runs to really blow off steam in terms of shapes, materials and lens colors. Only the best ingredients are good enough for their handmade sunglasses. All their models have adjustable temples made of Italian acetate, so that the glasses perfectly fit the beautiful faces of our customers. Their sunglasses are equipped with high-quality anti-reflective CR-39 lenses and UV400 protection. Finally, German OBE spring hinges provide the flexibility needed for everyday use.

Kom langs!

Bent u op zoek naar een nieuw montuur of een zonnebril? Kom dan eens langs in de Gen. Cronjéstraat 15, Haarlem. Bij ons vindt u de mooiste brillen en zonnebrillen voor een nieuwe “look”, van huismerk tot betaalbare merkmonturen.

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