Eye care

Eye care

Eye care is more than just selling glasses or contact lenses. That is why ample time is taken for you for an extensive measurement and glasses advice.

Before we start measuring, we first want to know something about the history of your eyes and vision. For example, we inform you about diseases, operations or medication that can affect your eyes.

Eye measurements and abnormalities

The best for your eyes

Eye care

Eye exam

We start with an automatic measurement where you don’t have to say anything yourself. The computer gives an indication of the distance strength. The eye pressure is also measured here. An extensive measurement follows after the automatic measurements. We start by measuring the distance strength of the right eye, then we measure the distance strength of the left eye. Then we look at the cooperation of your eyes. Depending on age and possible reading complaints, we also do a test to determine whether reading glasses are necessary.

If necessary, we will also measure the strength of your current glasses. This allows us to provide a good comparison between the old and new strength.

Eye care


If we notice abnormalities that cannot be corrected with glasses, we advise you to visit your GP.
A letter with findings will be sent to the GP and this determines whether or not it is necessary to go to the ophthalmologist.

When selecting glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we provide personal advice in peace. We will go through the options and the associated advantages and disadvantages with you.