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Morel eyewear

Morel's story comes from a family that has been making eyewear for four generations. Each generation learned from the last and added its own entrepreneurial vision.
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The history of Morel

Morel’s story comes from a family that has been making eyewear for four generations. Each generation learned from the last and added its own entrepreneurial vision. Today, more than a company, Morel is becoming a strong brand with creative products, recognized worldwide. A strategic turning point led by Jerome, Francis and Amélie.

Morel’s parent company is still located where it all began, in upper Jura, the birthplace of French eyewear.

Morel first settled in Les Rousses, in the family farm, and later moved to Morez, the eyewear capital. The Morel family had several factories. Morel works with its own collections, free from restrictions and barriers. The company cherishes its freedom, which allows it to unleash creative ingenuity in creating new, exclusive designs. True to his values, Morel controls all aspects of his strategy without bowing to market pressures.


Serving international markets is in the DNA of Morel, which has built a strong network of distributors since the 1930s thanks to patience and professionalism. Today, the Morel brand is present at private retailers in more than 90 countries. As independence and thoroughness are the core values of the Morel culture, the brand has continued to push its international strategy by actively pursuing the creation of subsidiaries. This has enabled Morel to organize and guarantee an impeccable service quality that matches that of its products.

Morel’s creativity can be seen in every detail. New collections are created in the in-house design center, where artistic directors, designers and specialists in color, graphics and prototyping work together as a team of experts who believe that no challenge is above them! That is why the brand, once a pioneer, has surprised the market by using atypical and innovative materials and know-how: carbon, wood and more recently leather and 3D printing.

Morel’s history is that of people. It is, of course, a family with a passion, but one that has managed to bring together multiple talents and personalities. Today, 280 people work for Morel. The team of people consists of nearly 10 different areas of expertise, from design to production to commercial, logistics and administrative. Morel has a complete and complementary team that makes a turnkey offering: from the initial design to the final client.

Morel Lightec

LIGHTEC combines lightness and technology for maximum comfort: products made of surgical stainless steel for lightness and flexibility. All equipped with a robust, exclusive, double-action spring hinge. Screwless design (apart from rimlock when used) for peace of mind. Products for men and women looking for minimalist frames that are instantly comfortable.

Morel 1880

The name and inspiration of Morel’s 1880s collection comes from the brand’s long history and the year Morel was founded. Morel has a long and exciting history of creating different styles of eyewear over the decades for today’s trend.

Over the past few decades, Morel has made a statement with beautiful eyewear and like any self-respecting icon, the style is timeless. With the 1880 collection, Morel returns to iconic frames and adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. The 1880 collection includes everything of significance to Morel: strong heritage enhanced by contemporary style.

Morel Öga

Öga is a collection of eyewear exclusively for men who want to look sober but stylish. They are rectangular in shape and have a clean, minimalist, Scandinavian design.

Thanks to the use of wood, metal and acetate, they do look trendy and modern. They are no-nonsense eyewear that is very wearable. They usually include an original, discreet detail on the edge of the frame or on the springs, often in soft purple or red, but also in more sober colors.

Öga is a brand of the French eyewear group Morel-Cottet, founded in 1997. The eyewear is made in France, but designed by Scandinavian Jonas Blanking and this is clearly reflected in the collection. Blanking is passionate about architecture and loves geometric shapes. Öga is French class with a Scandinavian design.

Morel Azur

Over the years, Morel has designed many collections of iconic sunglasses, which have served as inspiration for the new Azur sunglasses collection. The name Azur was inspired by the French Riviera. The Azur collection is sophisticated and elegant while offering comfort and the right protection. The exquisite details reflect Morel’s expertise.

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