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Prescription safety glasses

Are you looking for prescription safety glasses for yourself or your employees? We have the most comfortable and best-priced safety glasses with prescription lenses.

With a choice of single or progressive lenses and both modern plastic and metal frames. This way you or your employee will always have perfect safety glasses with prescription. Come by our store for more information.

Glasses types

The type of glasses regarding safety glasses


Prescription safety glasses

Do you work in construction, chemistry or healthcare? Then the eyes can be exposed to different kinds of risks. For optimal safety, Van der Geest Optiek supplies certified safety glasses with prescription. These safety glasses fall under personal protective equipment.

You expect from a workplace that you can work safely. But when your vision is impaired, it can lead to dangerous situations. With our prescription safety glasses we offer the most comfortable safety glasses with prescription lenses at the best price.


We believe that the lenses of our safety glasses are of the very best quality. They are made of very high-quality plastic, they are strong and have a high optical quality, which offers added value in all areas of work compared to traditional glass types.

In addition, the wearing comfort of our prescription safety glasses is high for the wearer due to the very low weight of the glass.


Services regarding glasses


Glasses repairs

Small glasses repairs: Tighten loose screws, replace nose pads if necessary, adjust glasses temples, adjust ear tips and clean the glasses. All minor repairs are free of charge. You can come whenever you want. That’s what we call the free lifetime service

Major eyeglass repairs: Such as soldering, welding and gluing a fracture or placing a new part take more time. We will discuss the costs with you and when you can pick up your repaired glasses again.


Maintain glasses yourself

  • Rinse your glasses under running, lukewarm water to remove dust and other dirt. Then clean the glasses with glasses cleaning spray.
  • Never use glass cleaner, soap or other cleaning agents. This can damage the protective layer of the frame and lenses.
  • Use a lens cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth. We do not recommend tissues or kitchen paper, as they may contain wood fibres. This can damage the glasses.
  • Never place your glasses on the lenses.
  • Keep your glasses in a glasses case.


Our other services

In addition to the services related to spectacle fashion, Van der Geest Optiek does much more, such as contact lenses or eye care.

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